Sponsorship Contact

If you would like to partner with the FAU Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering for this event, please contact Tamsyn Carey, Director of Development and Outreach at 561.297.2083 or via email at tcarey2@fau.edu.

Two payment options are available:

  1. Online at s.fau.edu/asce-sponsor, or
  2. with a check made payable to FAU FOUNDATION, INC. with ASCE 2017 as the memo.

The portion of your payment that qualifies as a charitable contribution will be reflected on the receipt you receive from the FAU Foundation, Inc. The amount of your payment that exceeds the fair market value of any consideration you received in the form of privileges or any other benefits will be the amount that may be deductible as a charitable contribution. Consult with your tax advisor for deductibility of your charitable gift.