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FAU Professor Elected as Foreign Member of Georgian National Academy of Sciences

Dr. Isaac Elishakoff of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering, Distinguished Research Professor, has been elected as a Foreign Member of Georgian National Academy of Sciences. National Academy of Sciences of Republic of Georgia was established in 1941 by Professor N.I. Muskhelishvili who was uniformly considered as "Mr. Theory of Elasticity of 20th Century." The Academy has three types of honorary memberships: Full Members, Corresponding Members, and Foreign Members the latter being the highest possible recognition of foreign nationals.

Dr. Elishakoff was informed that he was nominated by the Scientific Council of Zavriev Institute of Structural Dynamics and Extreme Events, belonging to the Academy. He was later unanimously approved by the assembly of the Academy, for his outstanding contributions to applied mechanics. Dr. Elishakoff will be inducted to the Academy at the ceremony which will take place next year during celebration of 120th birth anniversary of N.I. Muskhelishvili in presence of Georgia's President, Mr. Michael Saakashvili.

The academy has several American Foreign members including Professor George Leitmann of the University of California, Berkeley, a world expert in theory of control.

Prior to joining FAU Dr Elishakoff served as a Professor at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology which was listed recently among the best 35 universities in the world.

Dr Elishakoff considers the recognition not only as the personal one but also of the OME Department and of the College of Engineering and Computer Science of the FAU.

July 27, 2010

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